Hello. :D

I'm the artist/author! So this is where I talk a little bit about me, I guess.

My name is Beth. I suck at HTML and CSS, haha. OMG this site! Anyways. I work as an EMR (Emergency Medical Respondant) in Canada. (It's one level below a paramedic, if you haven't heard that term before). I get to drive an ambulance. :)

I love to write, and I love to draw, but I'm quite bad at both of them. So I decided to combine the two, and started designing comics. I've been "designing" comics for a while, but this is my first SERIOUS attempt to put a particular comic up, stay within a deadline, and tell a story.

This comic serves another purpose for me, and that's to learn. If you check out the link above that says "Extras", I have some of my old art up there. It's very anime-based, huh? I'm trying to get away from that. I want my drawings to have a little more variety and expression, and I'm having difficulty doing that with anime. Some people can pull it off, but I'm not one of them!

My goals with this work are to:

(1) Maintain the different body proportions! I have a little kid, a muscle guy, and a slender guy as part of my cast. I want them to stay distinct!

(2) Just like the three different body types, I have five different faces. I want them to look different! I want them to pass the silhoutte test!

(3) Backgrounds! I've always avoided them before. But not any more! Every page will have a minimum of one background.

(4) Colour! I colour everything to make it look better, but I'm really daft when it comes to HOW I should colour. I'm going to be practicing as I go. I want there to be an improvement, and I want it to be realistic looking.

(5) Fingers - err, actually, I have enough goals. Four is a good number.

Phew! That's enough about me.