This section contains both art by me and other people! If the art is from other people, you'll find links to the artists in the description next to the picture so you can check out more of their art. Thanks for visiting!
Jason! My friend Jason did this one for me. This is Jak, a character from my comic "Breath of Life".

For a secret Santa, I did this one for fellow Comicfury user Shastab24! This is a superhero called Supertrans.

This was a Secret Santa picture I did for a group of people on the Comicgenesis forums! Jak and Giome are partying with them, but let me introduce everyone else. Flying with the ballons is Flange from Mansion of E. Sitting on the couch next to Jak is Freakboy from Freakboy Did a Bad Thing. Dancing are two girls from Flying Tigers, Harli and Storm. In the middle dancing is Joseph Harper, from Loud Era (same with the girl sitting on the left side of the coffee table, Mari Thayer). And lastly, standing above the table and pressing down on the arm wrestling match is Rat from Masadjra. EDIT!! I coloured it. So I chuffed the Lineart to the side and ehre's the coloured version instead:


Here is a 2014 New Years exchange (a late Secret Santa, lol) done with a group of six people. The person who did this is Robert Cook, and he does a comic called Mansion of E.
Here's a New Years exchange (a late Secret Santa, lol) done with a group of six people. I don't know what this person's real name is, but they go by the pen name RobboAKAScooby, and they have a comic called Flying Tigers.
My little sister did a picture for me!! Yay. :) You can find more of her artwork here!!
Yaaay another New Years trade! This one is done by Djracodex, who does a comic called Masadjra found here!.
Second last art trade from the Secret Santa/New Years art trade I did! This is from CuddlyCornpone, who does Loud Era. He did four pictures in all, and they're all pretty cool, but I just have here the two pictures he did with my characters, cuz I like those the best!! Jak is in one, and Giome is in the other.
An Easter Exchange, which I did waaay late!! OMG. This is for VanEzzania, who does Demon Witch Prototype.
This is a Giftart I did for Doomy, who does a really sweet comic called Demented.
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