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21st Jul 2016, 11:21 PM


Edit: I received a friendly comment on the forum that the dialogue was hard to follow in panel 5, so I re-arranged it anlittle. Hopefully it's more intuitive now. Also fixed the speech balloons in panel 7, and a small fix on page 23. Cool!

Introducing: Windy! So he's actually fun to draw. I have two panels where people are looking up so I can get practice drawing noses in different perspectives. Head construction drives me crazy, omg. My ideal ability is to draw people in such a way that they look like actual 3d objects, not just sketches of them. Some artists can truly do that, but not I. Not yet, anyways.

So. I'm going to pull a dick move. I'm not going to be update for two Fridays. I want to draw pictures of all my classmates before we graduate, and we all part ways in about three weeks. The next two updates will be fillers as a result, with a picture my friend made for me, and the one after that will be a collage of all my classmates. Just when I was getting to my favourite part... >.<