Once upon a time, Giome was a smuggler who ended up "accidentally" stealing property - a little girl registered as a member of a bioligcally engineered race, with no right to her own freedom. Giome has been trying to help her win that freedom, but it comes with a huge price tag, one that he was losing hope of ever matching. Until an old friend shows up, and offers Giome the haul of a life time. One more smuggling operation, and they'll all be rich. Or very dead.

Because the "cargo" Giome acquired was the focus of someone elses' attention as well. A group of dangerous men, who aren't very pleased to have their item snatched out from under them. They want their cargo back, and they'll stop at nothing to retrieve it...


Each page will be fully coloured and uploaded every friday. I draw each page traditionally, then clean it up on the computer and colour the crap out of it! This comic is designed to help me improve my art, so certain styles and techniques will be tweaked as the story progresses.

"Breath of Life" is a soft science fiction story. It's one of several stories I've created that take place around the human year 4132. There will be violence and cursing, so be warned!